When You’re Going to Music Festivals in Southeast Asia

Pict: Summer Siren 2017, Philippines

With rapidly improving economic conditions, Southeast Asia countries have been increasingly competitive in hosting big international music festivals. Starting from Ultra, Armin Only, Djakarta Warehouse Project, Wonderfruit Festival, Plus Six Three Festival with Steve Aoki, Cold Play World Tour and many more. Southeast Asia has been a huge marketplace for event organizers to hold huge parties.

Working in a global startup company that provide the RFID system for multiple big and cool events in Asia, I have experienced many music festivals around Southeast Asia. And I can tell you, they all are AMAZING!

If you’re coming from outside Southeast Asia and about to go to any music festival in Southeast Asia, or if it’s your first time as Asians to go to music festivals in your land, here are some things you need to prepare before partying hard in Southeast Asia.

1. Traffic

Be aware of the traffic jam! When the information says you can exchange your ticket by 5 pm, better be ready to go starting at 1 pm. Should you be aware of some big cities in Southeast Asia, when you want to arrive still look like a pro, it would be better to get your own Grab or Uber. Otherwise, if you still want to feel the authenticity of the country and want to use their public transportation, be sure that your clothes won’t create problems for you (a.k.a. be aware with the sweats on the road).

2. The Weather! — It’s Summer Everytime! Prepare Your Best Clothes!

Music festivals lately have turned into a stage of a fashion show for all the festival goers. Coachella fashion from celebrities has been the trendsetter for all other music festivals all around the world. We know that you might want to dress best for your festival in Southeast Asia, but you should remember that it always feels like summer in Southeast, every single day. Once you will go to music festivals in Southeast Asia, make sure your outfit won’t trap you more in sweats and will not trouble you to DANCE!

3. Venues — Prepare Your Most Suitable Shoes!

Some (cool) festivals nowadays choose to have outdoor venues such as in beach, forests, or in an open land. Regardless of the heat, it will be cool to happen during a dry day, without the rain. Moreover, besides “summer every day” thing that always happens in Southeast Asia, unpredictable rain is also a thing in this region. You might feel it’s hot in the morning, but when you enjoy the music in the afternoon, it suddenly rains hard. It gets worse knowing the venue is on the forest or an open land, and you have to deal with the mud. Nothing you need to worry about, but your super chick and expensive Nike or Adidas shoes, which will turn to be so bad with the mud. One thing you should be aware of going to festivals in Southeast Asia is that “prepare for the worst”. Do not wear shoes which you think the color won’t be able to go back to its natural one, once it’s buried with the mud and lands. To ensure you still look fashionable for the festivals, you can either choose to wear gladiator shoes, slides, flatforms or leather boots instead.

4. Cultures

Out of all unpredictable things that might happen when you’re about to go to festivals in Southeast Asia, there is one sure thing that you will taste there. That is the culture. No matter in which country you are going, you will be welcomed with an authentic culture on every place, in every corner of it. That is why it is so important for you to spend extra days while visiting the countries for the festivals. Things you should try to explore in Southeast Asia outside the festivals are the foods, the outdoor sightseeing, the mountains, the beaches, and the society itself. Besides going to tourism spots, make sure you engage more with the society in Southeast Asia. That is where you can taste the truest cultures of Southeast Asia.

Most of all. Try to enjoy your festival as if there is no tomorrow. Make the best of everything because there is no other land such Southeast Asia in this world! :)

A woman in tech. A life time public speaker, self-proclaimed writer, who loves to keep learning. A chairman of RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association).