I finally understand a few reasons that might be the cause of why Millennials are harder to get a house.

A few years ago, I always wonder why people really like to say “Millennials will be harder to get a house”. I was thinking this might be because we like to spend our money on experiences, and don’t really put much attention in saving up for around 30% of our income, thus making us harder to get a good savings and start having a house. Turns out, that is not only the case.

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Picture credit to: The Mortgage Reports website

A few months ago, I decided to get myself a house. It was under the consideration that during the COVID period, housing developers offered various discounts and as a thankful feeling from me to God because I still have a job during this hard time, so I thought I would like to give it a try. Going through 2 months of the process from deciding which house I wanted to get, to getting approval from the Bank for the mortgage, was quite of a journey. …

A famous programmer in Indonesia once said “programming might not be for everyone, but everyone' should learn programming”

In my previous job, being an operations manager for an event management system company required me to also understand a bit how the system should work. This means during the troubleshooting, there will be times when I had to solve the technical issues myself. While doing some little coding works as I was instructed by the tech team, even doing some little stuff like checking the connection using the code “ping”, I felt really cool.

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By then, I always wondered how some codes can determine what will appear on the screen, and how some letters written in some patterns can make something to work. …

(A personal experience). To be graduating and being a young manager, would be an ideal situation and an achievement for many of us. Moreover, there are always some downsides to all good achievements. Here are some of what it actually feels like.

Today’s professional world might be way more flexible than the old ones. Today, we might not need to always undergo all the process of passing the math test, the psychology test, and all those HR drawing tests that we don’t understand how that can read our personality, to get into a job.

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With this flexibility, a political science graduate like me can have various experiences of jobs. From managing the government’s project in 2016 to being the Operations Manager for an Event Management Service company, to being the Community and Marketing Manager for a blockchain-startup company, then to an Edu-tech company. …

The lessons from the high-level (professional) profiles

To be moving jobs from one to another, any job will just be the same if we don’t try to look for better opportunities from it. Each day, our works can remain the same if we do not try to gain something bigger from it.

In my current job, there is an interesting task that I have been doing for a couple of months, which is doing a LIVE Sessions on Instagram & Youtube, with the high-level professionals. The sessions are sharing sessions with high-level profiles like CEO, Founders, Manager of a unicorn company, CTO, Inspiring Teachers & even Influencers.

Looking up to the speakers’ profiles, it can be said that I have been lucky enough to learn directly from such successful people. In the LIVE sessions, each speaker shares different angles and opinions when it comes to discussing the working culture. …

A year ago, it was the first time I entered a blockchain & crypto industry, and little did I know, it was a whole new jungle that I entered.

Prior to my previous resignation, I left the LIVE EVENT industry and its “wild” world with an article describing 5 main things that I learned from working in the live events industry. As a person who graduated from political science major, working intensively for a few years in the event industries taught me a lot about managing pressures, clients and all other high-stressed situations.

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Me with my boss while we were working on “Bali Maybank Marathon” event in 2017

Moving on to another job last year to pursue my passion in the marketing world, I finally braced myself to join the “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” industry. …

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It’s interesting for me to find out that working in events (especially being event coordinator) is considered as number 5 (from 10) of the most stressful jobs *research by Forbes, 2017. Some of the jobs in the list are like the police officer, pilot, firefighter, military officer, etc. Most of the said jobs have things in common which are it has consequences related to death and life, also it requires quick decision making. …

If I say “Russia”, what will pop up in your mind? Probably your mind will instantly say “Putin!”, “spy”, “fierce”, “cold”, and all those “not-good and not-soft” about Russia. I’m not going to go too deep and prove all those assumptions are not true, but most of those assumptions we have about Russia are those that big power countries (mostly western hemisphere countries) want us to think about Russia.

I have traveled twice to Russia. The first time was on October 2017, and the second time was on March 2018. Besides, since 2016, things happened to make me involved deeper in the field of youth relation of Russia and Southeast Asian countries. Since early 2017, I ran a youth organization that works specifically on maintaining good relations of the youth of Russia and Southeast Asian Countries called RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association). As I become more involved in this field, I have met more and more people who have seen the “real” Russia and I have also experienced it myself from my 2 trips to Russia and from my experiences involving deeper with this country. …

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Since 2015, I’ve been living in this quite perfect neighborhood (at least for me and some of my friends) called Menteng, Kuningan. The reason why the area has been such a perfect place for me and my friends was that our University (Universitas Bakrie) is in the area and we had spent every day around the neighborhood. We pretty much spent our almost every day around the area, since 2012.

There, we can pretty much find everything. Good foods, good places to hang around, good places to exercise, to spend the sleepless nights, to study, to shop, even to karaoke. All in 1 area in less than 1km square from our university. I never found any reason to leave the neighborhood, since also my working place is always nearby. The further I can tell was on Senayan, which I can always pretty much find the bus route to reach any places. Not to forget also, it’s so easy to hang around with all my friends if I’m there. Many times I just randomly ask anyone out after working hours to have dinner together, and I’ll have a friend for it instantly. …

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Pict: Summer Siren 2017, Philippines

With rapidly improving economic conditions, Southeast Asia countries have been increasingly competitive in hosting big international music festivals. Starting from Ultra, Armin Only, Djakarta Warehouse Project, Wonderfruit Festival, Plus Six Three Festival with Steve Aoki, Cold Play World Tour and many more. Southeast Asia has been a huge marketplace for event organizers to hold huge parties.

Working in a global startup company that provide the RFID system for multiple big and cool events in Asia, I have experienced many music festivals around Southeast Asia. And I can tell you, they all are AMAZING!

If you’re coming from outside Southeast Asia and about to go to any music festival in Southeast Asia, or if it’s your first time as Asians to go to music festivals in your land, here are some things you need to prepare before partying hard in Southeast Asia. …

As a generation who loves to share thoughts to the public, as a generation who loves to travel a lot and meet many people, and as a generation who try to show the best self-image, millennials have become a generation who are so picky when it comes to choosing their job. Many of millennials quit their job because they don’t feel to fit with their co-workers, or many of the millennials quit their job only because they feel that the company do not challenge them enough with new opportunities.

For millennials, it might be really hard to settle down with a particular profession and so hard to find the perfect fit. Millennials tend to keep looking “better companies” to work in, or better opportunities to jump onto. But looking for a better company to work is somehow tricky because you (as the millennials) might miss the fact that the company you’ve been working for, is actually a good one for us to grow. …


Oktafia Putri

A woman in tech. A life time public speaker, self-proclaimed writer, who loves to keep learning. A chairman of RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association).

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